Education History:

1.  Old Dominion University
Norfolk, VA, United State of America., Health Science College
Master of Science in Dental Hygiene
Attended 2016, Achieved 2018.  

2. Al-Baha University , Al-Baha, Saudi Arabia, Faculty of Applied Medical Sciences.
Bachelor of Medical in Dental Health
Attended 2008, Achieved 2013

3. University of Sheffield , Sheffield, United Kingdom
School of Clinical Dentistry, PhD student

Career History:

2013-2014: Dental Hygienist, Ministry of Health, Saudi Arabia. 
2014-present: Teaching Assistant – Qassim University, Saudi Arabia.

Current research:

My PhD project is involved in exploring the molecular microbiology of TonB-dependent transport of sialic acid and it’s role in oral bacterial physiology in the context of Periodontitis.  This is a key virulence trait that we aim to understand with a view to developing glycan based anti-microbials against periodontal pathogens. This project is supervised by Dr Graham Stafford and Dr Joey Shepherd.